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HonorHealth Adult Volunteer Application

HonorHealth Adult Volunteer Application
The purpose of the HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn, Shea, and Thompson Peak, Department of Volunteer Services is to directly and indirectly provide an excellent personalized healthcare experience delivered by a talented, compassionate staff in an innovative environment. Volunteerism is based on humanitarian ideals. Volunteering is a public trust that requires integrity, compassion, belief in the dignity and worth of human beings, respect for individual differences and a commitment to service.

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Volunteer Contract
All applicants must also complete the following:
To perform my duties as a HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn, Shea and Thompson Peakvolunteer:
1. I will review and abide by the policies and procedures stated in both the HonorHealth Scottsdale Volunteer Handbook and the Service Description and Procedure document specific to my service area assignment.
2. I will consider my volunteer assignment as a commitment. If I am unable to do my volunteer shift, I will notify the Volunteer Services supervisor or director, and will do so 24-hours in advance of my shift if possible. I understand that should I be absent from my volunteer shift two times in a row without proper notification, I may be terminated from the program.
3. I will hold all information as confidential concerning patients, families, staff members, physicians and volunteers.
4. I will make my service professional in all ways, and conduct myself with dignity, courtesy and consideration for others.
5. I understand that a breach of the following Honor HealthTeam Norms is cause for immediate dismissal at the discretion of the supervisor of Volunteer Services. Team Norms include: 1) Confidentiality; 2) Complete honesty; 3) Commitment to complete the work; 4) Consider all ideas; 5) No personal attacks; 6) No defensiveness.
6. I will not make or receive personal phone calls (land line or cellular) and/or visitors while on duty. This behavior is inappropriate in a hospital setting and will not be tolerated.
7. I understand that only patients are to be seated and/or transported in the hospital wheelchairs.
8. I understand that I must be in compliance with the dress code as stated in the HonorHealth ScottsdaleVolunteer Handbook; I understand that my uniform golf shirt must be worn tucked in and that I must wear my HonorHealth Scottsdale ID badge at all times while on duty.
9. I will take any concerns or suggestions directly to the Volunteer Services supervisor or director.


1. I understand that HonorHealth Scottsdale reserves the right to dismiss me if the action is in the interests of the hospital. Dismissal could result from failure to comply with hospital rules and regulations or inappropriate personal conduct, attitude or appearance.
2. I give my consent for HonorHealth Scottsdale to administer to me:
- two (2) tuberculin skin tests, and a chest x-ray in the event of a positive skin test reading, during the volunteer application process.
- an annual TB skin test, and a chest x-ray in the event of a positive skin test reading.
3. I give my permission to HonorHealth Scottsdale to administer emergency medical treatment to me if necessary.
4. HonorHealth Scottsdale is a drug free work environment, and drug screening of employees and volunteers may occur with cause. In such event, I give my consent for HonorHealth Scottsdale to administer to me an evidential breath test and urine drug screen.
Signature: My typed name below shall have the same force and effect as my written signature.